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Sujet: James Di Salvio et les fans

sd (Dictateur)
2006-08-15 09:40
Inscrit: Jan 18, 2002 Messages: 2724
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Petite histoire tirée de là:


"..Well first of all i'm sorry but my english isn't so good, i hope u can understand me! This story started in 1998 when me and The_Wake_Up_Girl_2 fell in love with BV3!!! In italy we couldn't find anything about them, only the album.....So we decided to contact them Love ...we phone to an international service that gave us James's number!! Then we called him....in Canada were about 8.00 in the morning...we WOKE UP him... Laughing him He was very nice with us!!!
We were so happy but not satisfated yet.....so we found also the address of Pierre R. who was their manager....and wrote to him!
After a couple of week he sent us a big box with inside..singles,cds,vinile,..and other things i showed to u!!

That's all.....!

À vous!

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